Animal Control


Christian County Animal Control

300 South Baughman Road

Taylorville, Illinois 62568

Phone # 217-824-5433

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - Noon & 1:00 - 4:00 PM (Except on Holidays)

Please call before you come, as we may be out on a call but will return shortly. In case of an emergency, please call the Christian County Sherriff's Office at 217-824-4961




Please call before you bring an animal in. We need information on where the animal is coming in from. There may be a charge. There is a charge for cats and kittens being brought in ($5.00 each).

If you live in a village or small town, you have your own Animal Control there. Call us if you have any questions of who it may be.


Be sure to look in the Breeze Courier on Sundays to see "Pet of the Week."

We are listed on and we have pictures of most of our animals on that site.



Please come and check us out if you are looking for a great Pet!!! Our pets need homes badly and you could find your next "best friend" here!

Our adoption fee is as follows: $25.00 for a dog ($15 for the dog and a deposit of $10 on spaying and neutering). This is refunded to you from the Vet at the time of it being done. $15 for a cat or kitten ($5 for the cat and a deposit of $10 for spay or neutering). Dogs and cats have not been spay or neutered and have no shots (puppy, rabies, etc...). This is something that you will have to do as we have no vet on staff. You have 30 days to do so. We can't stress enough to have your animals done!


Click Here for Animal Control Ordinance.pdf


New Positions of Employment Available


This position will include working with the public, care and interaction with the animals and other duties as needed. Work hours and days have some flexibility.

Applications can be printed out: Job Application

Return to: C.C. Animal Control-300 S. Baughman Drive, T’ville or the County Board Chairman’s Office-101 S. Main, Courthouse by June 15.


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