Christian County Zoning Office

214 W. Market St.
Taylorville, IL 62568

Brett Rahar, Christian County Zoning Administrator
Email: Brett Rahar


Q: When do I need a Building permit?
A: Any structure requires a building permit.

Example: Homes, out buildings, in ground pools and some fences. Additions to homes or out buildings. Anything that adds new square footage to your existing buildings.


Q: Do I need a permit for a Roof replacement or siding?
A: Not if you are just doing normal maintenance and you are not adding any square footage.

Q: What are the setbacks for building on my property?
A: Reference the link to the Christian County Zoning Ordinance.


Ordinances and Applications:

Christian County Ordinance for Solar Energy Facilities

PDF icon

Christian County Ordinance for Regulating the Siting of Wind Energy Conversion Systems

PDF icon

Christian County Zoning Ordinance


Christian County Mobile Home Foundation Ordinance

Foundation Ordinance

Insatallation and Placement Agreement for Manufactured & Mobile homes in Christian County

Certificate of Compliance for Installation of Manufactured or Mobile Home

Christian County Building Permit Application

Building Permit Application

Christian County Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Christian County Inoperable Motor Vehicle Ordinance

Inoperable Cars

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