Zoning Board of Appeals -reconvened
Oct 6 @ 6:00 pm

Christian County

Zoning Board of Appeals

Reconvened Public Hearing Notice

October 6, 2020 ——-6:00 pm

At the Christian County Courthouse


In accordance with Public Act 101-0640, amending Section 7(e) of the Illinois Open Meetings Act, this public hearing will be reconvened on an Application for Special Use brought forth from Swift Current Energy for the Black Diamond Solar Farm on the above date and time, and will be conducted via remote application.


This public hearing will be conducted online and telephonically using the Free Conference Call Application which can be accessed through the following link: https//join.freeconferencecall.com/christiancounty.

Those who wish to only join via phone may attend by dialing

(701) 802-5367      access code: 7943957#.


The Christian County Broad room can except up to 19 personal including the Zoning Broad members and Staff along with persons of interest as otherwise stated herein, members of the public will not be permitted in the Christian County Courthouse to attend this meeting, and must instead attend either online or telephonically.





  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Motion to Reconvene the Public Hearing on the Applications for Special Use by Swift Current for The Black Diamond Solar Farm.
    1. Application for Special Use filed by Swift Current Energy Black Diamond Solar Project
  4. Possible Motion on approval of advisory report or recommendation.
  5. Adjournment