Solid Waste Management Department

Vince Harris, Dept. Head

(217) 287-2334

Mailing Address:
214 W. Market St.
Taylorville, IL 62568

Our History

The Christian County Board established the Environmental Committee in 1989. They were motivated to do so by a desire to monitor the activities occurring at the local landfill and to address the problems of illegal dumping that often occur in rural counties. Additionally, State mandated recycling rates weighed heavily in the creation of the Committee. The Committee’s response to these problems was the establishment of the Christian County Solid Waste Management Department.

Created in October of 1991, the Department originally consisted of an inspector working closely with the Assistant State’s Attorney. The following month a secretary was hired to assist in handling the large amount of paper work associated with the enforcement of environmental regulations. A director was added in March of 1992 to address the State mandated recycling rates and assist in the formation of a twenty year Waste Management Plan. An environmental educator joined the Department in April of 1997 to provide information about recycling and waste disposal.

Today the Environmental and Zoning Committee remains the guiding entity for the Department and also serves as the liaison to the full County Board. Their creation of the Department provides a service to the citizens of the County that was previously unknown at the level of county government.


Our Services

Enforcement of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act at the local landfill and at open dumping/burning sites has been ongoing since the formation of the Department. Five Oaks Recycling and Disposal Facility is inspected at least twice per month and formal reports are sent to the IEPA. Prompt response to open dumping/burning complaints within Christian County is another service the Department provides.

Over the years, the recycling programs provided through the Department have changed dramatically. Initially, drop-off recycling bins were placed in nine communities within the county to collect recyclable materials. That program got quite expensive to maintain and was discontinued in 2017. Two communities within the county, Pana and Stonington, have elected to provide that service for their residents at their expense.

Recycling opportunities for Christian County residents still exists. A local hauler, Cleeton Sanitation Service Company (217-237-2112), offers a curbside recycling subscription program. There are a few independent metal recycling facilities within the county: Joe Coleman Salvage and Demolition Incorporated (217-562-4625), Kertow Auto Salvage (217-824-5424), Midstate Material Handling Incorporated (217-768-8188), Mullins Salvage (217-237-4343) and Welburn Salvage (217-562-3044).  Midstate Material Handling also accepts corrugated cardboard, newpaper, books, magazines and food cans for recycling.  Corrugated cardboard recycling for individuals and businesses is offered by America Paper Stock located at 214 North Baughman Road in Taylorville (217-823-6995).

The Department funds the collection and hauling of recyclable materials for the schools within the county and the county offices. Another recycling program funded by the Department is the electronics recycling program with BLH Computers (217-824-2500) at 123 West Main Cross, Taylorville. Additionally, the Department sponsors household hazardous waste collections when state-funded programs are available.

Please call the Department with questions regarding proper disposal of waste, open dumping/open burning complaints and recycling opportunities.