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Welcome to the web page of the Christian County Treasurer. This web page is the source of information for anyone who visits here, if you are a taxpayer, local government or a mortgage company representative.

The collection and distribution of property tax revenue is an important function of the Treasurer’s Office. On average we mail out 25,495 bills and will collect and distribute 40.1 million in tax revenues to 130 local government agencies. This web page will pertain mainly on the tax collection process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of service to you. Thanks for visiting!

Yours truly,
Betty Asmussen
Christian County Treasurer


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Printing and mailing of tax bills based on data provided by other county and state agencies on assessments, exemptions and tax rates.
  • Collection of real estate taxes from the owners of more than 25,495 real estate parcels.
  • Distribution of tax funds to approximately 130 governmental agencies that have the jurisdiction to collect taxes. These agencies include townships, villages, cities, school districts, libraries, public health and safety agencies, election authorities and parks.
  • Preparation of delinquency tax lists and mailing of notices to the taxpayer(s) on record.
  • Obtaining tax-sale judgment orders in court.
  • Conducting annual sale of tax liens to seek payment of delinquent taxes.
  • Collection and secure maintenance of revenues and other public funds of the County in addition to funds authorized by law to be paid to the Christian County Treasurer.
  • Administration of refunds resulting from duplicate payments of the same taxes, overpayments of taxes due, or reductions in assessments after original billing (as authorized by various tax-assessment agencies or the courts).
  • Filing of regular reports with the Christian County Board, summarizing the financial status of the Treasurer’s office.

In addition to the above responsibilities, the Christian County Treasurer must maintain an investment policy to address:

  • Conformance with federal and state laws and local ordinances;
  • Diversity of type, maturity and institution to help manage the risk and principal;
  • Liquidity of funds to provide sufficient funds to meet obligations as they become due;
  • Returns on investments or yields that provide performance measures with return on investments to be secondary to the role of protecting the safety and liquidity features of the policy; and,
  • Safety of principal to avoid any risk of loss of public funds.

Under Illinois law, the office of the Christian County Treasurer also maintains special funds, from which the County Board shall authorize payments by voucher, which include:

  • Reasonable amounts needed during the accounting period to pay office expenses, postage, freight, express or similar charges.
  • Funds to pay necessary travel, dues and other expenses for workshops, educational seminars and organizational meetings established for the purpose of providing in-service training.
  • Trust funds for such purposes as may be provided for by law.
  • Such other funds as may be authorized by the County Board. The Treasurer shall make accounting monthly to the County Board through the County Clerk of all special funds maintained by her in the discharge of her duties.


  • Log on to
  • Click Parcel Search
  • Click Illinois for State
  • Click Christian County for Collector
  • Enter Parcel Number
  • Proceed according to instructions provided
  • Correct payment amount only (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)
  • Credit card fee 2.25% with an additional $1.50 transaction fee, E-check (checking or savings) fee $2.00


DATES 2020/2019 TAX YEAR

Friday June 5, 2020
Mail Bills
Friday July 10, 2020
1st Installment due
Saturday July 11, 2020
1 1/2% on 1st Installment Due
Tuesday August 11, 20203% on 1st installment
Thursday September 10, 20202nd Installment due
Last Day Banks Collect
Friday September 11, 2020
4 1/2 on 1st Installment
1 1/2% on 2nd installment
Wednesday September 16, 2020Tax Buyers Can Pay Subs
Thursday September 17, 2020
Friendly Reminders
Friday September25, 2020Last Day to Pay to Avoid Publication, Certified Letters and Certified Costs. Payment must be in office.
Monday September 28, 2020
Mail Certified Letters. $10.00 Costs
(Certified Letters Only)
October 1st & 2nd Thursday & Friday Publication
Tuesday October 6, 2020
Last day for Tax Buyers to Register for Tax Sale
Sunday October 11, 2020
6% on 1st Installment
3% on 2nd Installment
Tuesday October 13, 2020Last Day for Online Payments with Govtech Services, Inc.
Monday October 26, 2020Judgment
Tuesday October 27, 2020
Tax Sale



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